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HBelow you will find a list of common terms related to process optimisation, process improvement and improvement methods. Would you like more information on a specific term or are you looking for a term that is not in this list? Then don’t hesitate to contact  us without obligation.


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is mainly used in organisations with a production process that consists of a series of consecutive steps. Within these processes and procedures there are many different wastage sources that can be eliminated, particularly if the organisation is part of a logistics chain. The ultimate goal of Lean Manufacturing is to optimise the value chain within the organisation.



Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) allow for information exchanges between the administration and production departments. They ensure a paperless distribution of orders and product description administration and collect production data, allowing for optimisation.



OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a practical tool to provide a structured overview of production losses, which illustrates the staff’s contribution to a more efficient production process. MyPlantFloor is a production management system with OEE functionalities that is applicable to any process environment or machine type through configuration. It can also be extended with several modules and offers support when using improvement methods such as TPM, SMED and Lean Manufacturing.



SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) is originally a Japanese improvement method to optimise machine changeovers, saving a considerable amount of time. This method was successfully launched for the first time at the Japanese company Toyota. The SMED method essentially streamlines changeovers and eliminates or simplifies certain tasks. A distinction is made between internal and external tasks. Some tasks can be carried out parallel to the production process or when a machine is not running.



Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) was derived from the Japanese improvement method Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). In the framework of TPM small, multidisciplinary teams are responsible for improving the performance of specific production resources. OEE measurements are a guideline in doing so. Moreover, OEE is a method to reveal hidden shortcomings.