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Lamb Weston is currently one of the three main producers of potato products worldwide. The company, which employs more than 6,200 people all over the world, is known as an innovation pioneer in its sector, producing more than 3.1 million tonnes of potato products a year, which, in Europe, would equal 10 million portions of chips a day!
In 1994 Meijer Frozen Foods (Kruiningen, The Netherlands) and Lamb Weston joined forces and merged into Lamb Weston/Meijer. For more information go to http://www.lambweston-nl.com


At Lamb Weston /Meijer we have 15 lines for packaging frozen and dried products.


To get acquainted with OEE monitoring, we first started working with a pilot version of MyPlantFloor on four of our packaging machines. This allowed us to involve all operators from the start, and receive their feedback on aspects to be improved. Based on this experience, we finally opted for the complete version of the system.


We joined forces with Agilitec (which has a no-nonsense approach, combined with a focus on a pre-determined end result) and given the positive test results and positive feedback from operators, we decided to install MyPlantFloor on all of our 15 packaging machines.


We enjoyed an efficient and fast service, both during and after the delivery phase. Moreover, Agilitec helped us brainstorm during the initial development phase and the implementation, which was definitely a bonus. The update & service contract guarantees we always receive the latest version of the software and we can count on immediate assistance in case of problems.


The software package is modular and can be adjusted to become as easy or complicated as you want it to be. In the pilot phase we had chosen a very basic and user-friendly set-up and we realised that in our case, the basic module needed to be extended with (semi-)automatic justification of stops, as this made the operators’ administrative tasks easier. Moreover, we decided to opt for the automatic import of production orders from SAP.


We currently have a package which requires the bare minimum in terms of administration and offers the utmost in terms of functionalities:


  • Based on standard report templates we can immediately identify the various reasons for not achieving the desired OEE.
  • Through a top-5 approach we eliminate the main causes for problems and we feed our RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) system.


The data is reliable and can be accessed immediately. The software is very competitively priced and has an excellent price/quality ratio. In a nutshell, we’re very satisfied clients.


Rinus Oudejans (Manager special projects)