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Sibelco Europe MineralsPlus

Sibelco Europe MineralsPlus – formerly known as Ankerpoort – is one of the main European suppliers of mineral raw materials and semi-finished products for industrial applications. For more information go to http://www.sibelcomineralsplus.com

I was looking for a system that provides a real-time insight into the performance of our packaging lines and grinding mills to allow us to anticipate faster, plan better and devise possible solutions.

Following discussions with several potential suppliers, I opted for MyPlantFloor by Agilitec.


  • The system was easy to install: set up the photo cells, link to the network and in just one day we had the first line covered.
  • As it is a web-based system, it is accessible to everyone. Moreover, there are no expensive licence fees for every user.
  • It is easy to use, both for our foremen (who now generate work orders through MyPlantFloor) and for our operators (who input codes for machine stops and pick orders through the software).
  • At a later stage, it is relatively easy to link MyPlantFloor to the ERP system to launch automatic order handling.
  • The company does not sell a measurement system hoping to keep a consultant working on the project.

Meanwhile, we have extended MyPlantFloor with the Graphical scheduler module, which is accessible to all departments/employees without disturbing the planner. The SMED module has also been activated to harmonise and improve our changeover procedures.

We love how Agilitec translates client questions and/or issues into custom solutions that are implemented into the standard software package. The result is a constantly updated MyPlantFloor package that all clients can enjoy.

Frans Ouwerkerk (Production Manager)