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About us

The MyPlantFloor OEE software is developed in-house by the Agilitec team.

An ‘agile’ company is a business that manages to efficiently react to (changing) opportunities on a volatile market, and that can quickly launch innovative products in various client-specific versions.

Business agility

Flexible production which does not necessarily go hand in hand with exorbitant costs. A quick response to changing market demands, not only in terms of products and prices, but also in terms of services. Knowing what the client will ask for tomorrow, so as to produce it today. That is business agility – a swift reaction.
Agilitec has just what you need to make it happen: MyPlantFloor. 

Agilitec is your one-stop-shop for delivery of the product, its implementation and any consultancy you may require. All the experience gained during the implementation of our products is directly passed on to our product development team. A permanent improvement process has resulted in our clients labelling our solutions ‘the best of their kind’.

We are familiar with the entire production process, which means you don’t need to work with various suppliers who contradict each other and don’t assume their responsibilities. We offer a personalised and reliable all-in service - a breath of fresh air for many of our clients. Agilitec is an experienced partner, both from a strategic and an operational point of view.