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It is easy to use, both for our foremen (who now generate work orders through MyPlantFloor) and for our operators (who input codes for machine stops and pick orders through the software).

Frans Ouwerkerk, Sibelco Minerals Europe

Process optimisation with MyPlantFloor

MyPlantFloor by Agilitec gives you and your staff a complete real-time overview of what’s going on in production. MyPlantFloor has an entirely integrated online order and product administration system, which results in quite a few Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functionalities. The result: a reduced administrative burden and greater awareness, ultimately leading to production and process optimisation. Your staff will be motivated to go the extra mile, time and time again. Moreover, MyPlantFloor can be extended with extra modules and linked to any ERP system, making it so much more than simply an OEE package.


You might not notice, but every day you lose part of your production capacity, sometimes even more than 50%. In our day and age, production costs are increasingly under pressure, so it is important to use the hidden capacity of your installation as soon as possible, and for the long term.

How to improve your production processes

Throughout the years, various methods have been developed (TPM, SMED and Lean) to improve production processes. However, the success of these improvements largely depends on two strongly linked factors. Firstly, there must be reliable data to determine which issues should be dealt with first, and secondly there is a need for a positive improvement culture to allow for the changes to be followed up and maintained.


Generally speaking, many companies start by registering machine stops on paper. Not bad to start off with, but completing, gathering and re-typing data is time-consuming and requires great effort, which results in frustrated employees and inaccurate data. In a nutshell, not the best way to improve results!





General OEE software is only a partial solution. Automatic data registration may be less labour-intensive and offer the right input for the improvement processes (TPM), but it hardly offers added value to the improvement culture. This leads to an improved result that is still anything but optimal. Production staff also often see this as data collection for the maintenance department, which does little – if anything – with it.


Production optimisation v2.0: don’t merely react, but anticipate 

MyPlantFloor has a unique system set-up, which makes not only historical but also real-time information available for all stakeholders, anytime and anywhere. With the correct login details, the MyPlantFloor dashboard can be opened from anywhere in the company.


Examples of real-time information are the status of the machinery, the production speed, the order(s) in production, the number of pieces produced so far, the completion time of the order, the next order in line etc.This information is not only important for the production department, but also for the maintenance, logistics and quality control departments.




The factor ‘real-time information’ refers to the degree of anticipation instead of reaction. This allows for an immediate response.

An example:
Quite often operators need asstistance from other departments when changing over a line to another product. Through MyPlantFloor, the latter can see exactly what time he or she is expected on site to assist the operator with his work. The logistics department can also view the required bill of materials and tooling and the quality control department knows exactly when they are needed for a validation of the line. This decreases the changeover time dramatically. Anticipating rather than reacting. 

Integrated product order administration results in immediate savings. Moreover, users quickly get used to working with MyPlantFloor. When dealing with information, they are more attentive, and consequently they complete the necessary input more efficiently and accurately.


More than 95% of all machine stoppages are being commented by the operator or maintenance people.


Last but not least, MyPlantFloor is user-friendly, useful, challenging and requires minimal input – all characteristics which provide added value in an environment marked by change. The accessibility and presentation of the information increase the staff’s commitment and encourage them to go the extra mile.



The improved result is not only better than when using other solutions, it is also permanent. Even without an improvement strategy you can achieve a good OEE improvement.


Below you will see an OEE trend example of a company that, managed to achieve a 10% gain in OEE in just six months!



Return On Investment (ROI)

MyPlantFloor is a standard product that can be configured to your requirements without custom coding. As a result, we can offer you a highly competitive price. Still having doubts? Then consider you can lease the product without start-up costs.

You will enjoy the following advantages:

  • No risk of de-investment
  • An ROI of just one month
  • Possibility of cancelling your subscription after the first quarter!

More information

MyPlantFloor can be extended with extra modules, including:

  • A SMED module for improved conversion times.
  • Maintenance management to reduce the number of technical faults through better preventive maintenance and better spare part stock management.
  • Automatic assignment of reasons for machine stops.
  • Graphic Planning Table

Keen to find out more about the possibilities of MyPlantFloor and its extra modules? Then don’t hesitate to contact us obligation-free!