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Process improvement: the advantages of MyPlantFloor

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) gives you a structured overview of the main possibilities for improvement. This information is the basis of any strategy to improve processes, also known as process optimisation. The result: a more efficient use of your production capacity.


MyPlantFloor combines automatic collection and analysis of OEE data with constant real-time links between up-to-date production order data and OEE. Through specific web interfaces centrally collected data is translated into information for every group. As such, everybody has access to actual production data. The team members are divided into groups with specific user rights, so that everyone only has access to relevant information. Concretely, this offers the following advantages:

Savings on administration costs

  • Online order and product administration create a paperless production environment. This type of administration provides information about the order which is currently in production, the next order, the expected time until completion, the planned conversion time, the conversion instructions, the bill of materials, packaging instructions etc.: a time-saving measure for the administration department.
  • OEE data is collected automatically, making tick-off lists obsolete. This is a more accurate and efficient method, allowing for faster process improvement.

Greater staff commitment

  • OEE measurements are always carried out compared to the real maximum speed of any given line/product combination. In other words, for a run without losses, a 100% OEE score can be achieved.
  • Staff members, such as operators, have a real-time overview of 100% accurate data on the shop floor. This data can be viewed on an ergonomic screen set-up. Machinery statuses, as well as an up-to-date overview of OEE information can be immediately accessed from any platform.
  • A clear overview of the activities ahead and behind schedule.
  • Minimal extra effort required from operators thanks to automatic registration, distribution, categorisation and labelling of machine stops. Moreover, the software includes planned machine stop monitoring and automatic run-off registration.
  • Autonomous maintenance or other operator tasks are clearly displayed on the operator screen.
  • A clear and extensive administrator function allows you to easily manage and maintain the system yourself.
  • Integrated order handling allows for a more intensive use of MyPlantFloor, a better registration of failure causes and a better performance overview.

Don’t merely react, but anticipate

  • With the right login details, you can access all MyPlantFloor screens from any computer device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) in the company. This gives all staff members a clear overview of the current situation. What’s more, planned stops and changeovers are clearly announced, including the timing, planned duration and detailed changeover instructions, allowing all stakeholders to be better prepared. Faults, such as long-term speed losses and stops, as well as too many subsequent short stops are immediately displayed on the maintenance screen. A support e-mail or SMS can also be sent out.
  • When the minimum material stock for a specific line is reached, this is clearly displayed on the logistics screen.

Better collaboration between departments and colleagues

Every user group has its own way of looking at the same data, which results in a better understanding and collaboration. An example: in the maintenance screen you clearly see when support is requested for a given machine. In case of a conversion, the maintenance staff can see which conversion is required and prepare the necessary tools to carry out the works.
  • Powerful analysis and reporting options with drill-down functionality.
  • The TD assistance button allows the production staff to quickly report the need for predictive or corrective maintenance. This request then appears on the TD screen and can be accompanied by an SMS.

More information

Once you have set up a consistent machine park, you can consider managing your stock levels by combining MyPlantFloor with the Warehouse Management System solution by Agilitec. For more information about this option, feel free to contact us without obligation.