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Rinus Oudejans, Manager Special Projects, LambWeston Meyer.

Production improvement software: demo.

MyPlantFloor is a software solution for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and so much more. It ensures that business processes are improved through methods such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Manufacturing (LM) and the SMED method. The MyPlantFloor production management system makes paperless, automatic registration and administration of production-related data a piece of cake. MyPlantFloor is developed by Agilitec bv, whose staff develop the OEE software product in-house and will gladly assist you day in, day out. The software can therefore be extended and improved quickly in line with your wishes and expectations.


SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) is an improvement method which optimises machine conversions to save a considerable amount of time. The administrator can register conversion activities in the MyPlantFloor SMED module through a structured, smart matrix. Based on changes in material characteristics in the bill of materials, conversion instructions are put together and a planned conversion time is calculated for each transition. This gives the operators a helping hand and the possibility to follow the step-by-step SMED approach for every conversion task. This allows for the changeover time to be reduced.

MyPlantFloor OEE-Software

The MyPlantFloor OEE software is truly unique. Generally, OEE software products do not go beyond automatically registering machine stops as a foundation for a TPM project. MyPlantFloor goes one step further. It contributes considerably to boosting the employees’ involvement and collaboration between the various departments, and gives users the possibility to anticipate instead of merely reacting to problems. Thanks to its integrated MES functions, MyPlantFloor also creates a paperless production environment and it can tackle other aspects of improvement processes when extended with extra modules, such as SMED, the Graphic Planning Table and Maintenance Management.

What can this OEE software product do for your organisation?

MyPlantFloor is a standard product that can quickly be configured and implemented to your requirements without any custom coding. Agilitec takes care of the set-up, and thanks to the user-friendly and transparent administrator tools you can easily manage and maintain it yourself.


Ask for a demo

Looking for a software package to improve your production processes? We will gladly give you a demonstration to illustrate the added value of our offer for your specific situation. From an interesting, clearly illustrated selection of client case studies to an answer to all your questions, this demonstration is the ideal way to get a good overview of the advantages that our production improvement software can offer you and your organisation. Don’t hesitate to request a demonstration of our software solution, obligation-free, at your company premises. Contact us and discover how you can improve and optimise your processes.