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We have been using the software for a while now and we have noticed that the users - both operators and managers - have jumped on the bandwagon pretty quickly. Not only because it is user-friendly, but also because everyone sees the advantages MyPlantFloor offers your organisation.

Willem-Jan Ruder, Manager Operations, VanDam Bodegraven.

MyPlantFloor add ons

MyPlantFloor is an OEE software package with a MES function, which can seamlessly be extended with additional modules. It guarantees the best improved results and generates savings in terms of production order administration. Below you will find an overview of the available extensions, which make MyPlantFloor even more complete. Do you have a specific question or request, or would you like to receive more information on our extra modules? Then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options for your business.


Maintenance management module

If bad OEE figures are caused mainly by technical faults, maintenance management software may be the solution for you. The MyPlantFloor Maintenance Management module:

  • supports your maintenance department in planning (preventive) maintenance tasks, which minimises the number of machine stops due to technical faults during the planned production timeframe.
  • takes care of the entire documentation management for parts, assets and asset types, including manuals and inspection documents.
  • ensures an optimal spare part stock level. This makes wrong spare part selection a thing of the past. When the minimum spare parts amount is reached, an order proposal message appears on the screen.
  • contains all the details of your suppliers and contacts, allowing you to easily and quickly request quotes from different suppliers.
  • is fully integrated with MyPlantFloor. Machine meter readings are the basis for preventive maintenance tasks. Operators can request new corrective and/or preventive maintenance tasks from the operator screen.
  • is easy to configure.



In most manufacturing companies, the main factor causing production losses is changeover time. Unfortunately, changeover time is often still considered inevitable (planned), and therefore it is entirely left out of the OEE calculations. However, large profits can still be made. A reduction in conversion time is a must for companies looking to better gear their production processes to their clients’ orders. The SMED method (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) was developed precisely to reduce conversion times. The MyPlantFloor SMED module:

  • accurately calculates the planned changeover time based on a planned product transition. When a planned changeover time is exceeded, this leads to a loss of availability. As a result, we get a better view of conversion time losses (calculations give us a better insight into the situation).
  • supports (operators and/or maintenance staff) by providing them with detailed conversion instructions (for every stakeholder) and possibly also with a checklist and line release instructions.
  • registers who was responsible for changeover activities with their name and signature.
  • informs operators and maintenance staff on the remaining planned conversion time.
  • supports the SMED improvement method through insights and configuration possibilities of the detailed steps/activities with an indication of the duration, instructions, status (internal or external) and task for each operator.
  • generates a clear graph of the attained reduction in conversion time.
  • is quite easy to configure and maintain.


Graphic planning table

The Graphic Planning Table offers you a detailed graphic overview of all planned activities related to your machine park, mainly planned production orders, but also tasks such as preventive maintenance, conversion and cleaning, which are displayed in different colours. Authorised users can adapt the schedule by dragging existing activities and/or adding tasks. Persons (user rights) can be assigned to every task. The Graphic Planning Table:

  • makes it easy to create schedules.
  • establishes a direct link with the actual situation. The order bar becomes longer as the OEE losses and/or planned stops during the production phase increase.
  • is safe to use, as it includes, among other things, a safety mechanism for sequence monitoring and group orders.
  • takes account of breaks and/or cancelled services when determining an order.
  • offers an up-to-date overview of order statuses thanks to its link with production data.


Automated justification of stoppages

Generally, operators and/or maintenance staff provide a reason and explanation for the losses suffered via a few buttons in the accessible user interface. However, if the number of machines exceeds the number of operators, it can be useful to automate the justification of machine stops with the appropriate module, which ensures that all losses are labelled fully automatically through a series of digital inputs.