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Assembly process

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Assemblage software

Improve OEE in an assembly process

Assembly process

The assembly process differs in a number of ways from, for example, an automated packaging line. Due to the number of manual actions, the assembly process is a labour-intensive production process and it is often difficult to determine automatically at which moment a product is completed.

In this process we also encounter some more documentation in a way of operational instructions on paper and quality control documents.

Assembly software


Optimize your assembly process

MyPlantFloor has all the features and tools to make a significant contribution to a more efficient and paperless assembly process.

  • Work instructions with visual material are available via a tablet. A powerful mechanism ensures efficient management and adjustment of work instructions.

  • Employees indicate with a tablet or via a link with an existing andon system when they actually perform work on a production order.

  • MyPlantFloor registers periods of inactivity as downtime. Input from employees has been minimized.

  • Accurate OEE measurement with performance rate and quality rate.

Optimize your assembly machines too?

With our production software you are guaranteed to have a perfect tool to improve OEE in an assembly process. Would you like to request a demo to experience the benefits yourself? Contact us by calling +31 76 5156572 or email

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