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Batch process

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Batch processing software

Improve efficiency of the Batch process

Batch processing software

MyPlantFloor is one of the few OEE software solutions that is also suitable for batch processing. Processing of manual phase handling or readout from a batch controller, both are possible. Good results have already been achieved in several projects.

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Producing more efficiently in a batch environment

In the system you define batches, phases, phase duration, methods, ingredients and required materials. MyPlantFloor monitors the duration per phase compared to the set phase norm time, warns as soon as the norm time is exceeded and asks for an explanation if a phase lasts longer than the set norm + threshold time. Advice on adjusting the norm time of a phase helps you to improve the efficiency in production. MyPlantFloor synchronizes with any ERP and/or Batch controller system.

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Batch reporting

The reporting within MyPlantFloor for batch processing contains various reports

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Lower hardware costs

MyPlantFloor processes all data in a central server that forms the star point between machines, energy meters, administrative system and user interface. Thanks to this construction, an operating screen is unnecessary for every machine and this results in considerable cost savings. The user interface is web-based, so a tablet or smartphone per operator is sufficient.

Reference: OEE in a Batch process

OEE in Batch processing at Nuplex

Click on ‘OEE in a batch process (Nuplex)’ to see how we are improving OEE with MyPlantFloor at one of our customers. Download the reference article:

Optimizing your batch processing too?

With our production software you are guaranteed to have a perfect tool to improve OEE in batch processing. Would you like to request a demo to experience the benefits yourself? Contact us by calling +31 76 5156572 or email

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