CMMS-system for the maintenance of your assets

Maintenance management with our CMMS-System

Are you looking for good CMMS-System? Then the MyPlantFloor software is definitely something for you. The CMMS-system is a useful tool to automate maintenance tasks. With our software you can plan the maintenance of your equipment quickly and easily. This saves you time and ensures that your machinery is maintained on time.

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Lower maintenance costs and a better running installation with our CMMS-system

MyPlantFloor - CMMS

Our CMMS-system is a form of Maintenance Management software that is responsible for the maintenance of recources. MyPlantFloor has all the functions and features you would expect from a modern CMMS-system, plus a number of distinctive features that ensures an even better user experience.

Features of CMMS system


✔ Ready for condition-based maintenance

Extensive combination of conditions per asset based on sensors or data analysis.

✔ Low-threshold mobile reporting

Dynamic inspections can be performed on a tablet or smartphone.      

✔ Automatic time registration

Automatic working time and response time registration for accurate TCO reporting.

✔ Easy and fast start

Easy and quick to configure.


✔ Integrated workflow

Low-threshold registration of work orders. Efficient and easy handling of work orders by authorized users.       

✔ Clear and user-friendly

Simple and clear screen structure, yet all details available.   

✔ Alerting priorities

MyPlantFloor CMMS-software collects all work orders in a clear and filterable overview. To promote availability, prio 1 work orders are automatically sent via a WhatsApp message, so that they are immediately noticed.

Advantages of a CMMS system

OEE measurement and a CMMS-system in one system: a powerful combination

Advantages of a CMMS-System

The CMMS-software can not only be used as a standalone application, but also combined with the MyPlantFloor OEE-software. The combination of the two systems provides a number of additional benefits that further enhance the availability rate of the installation and maintenance efficiency. 1 + 1 = 3.


Work more efficiently

Operators can create (and track) work orders in the CMMS-system via the MyPlantFloor operator interface. In the event of priority 1 failures (production downtime), the CMMS-software will also send a WhatsApp message to the maintenance people.


Autonomous maintenance

Operators can perform light preventive maintenance tasks/work orders. For support, you can also consult machine history, documentation and/or videos.


Anticipate instead of react

Thanks to real-time OEE insight, abnormal behaviour such as low performance of an asset is immediately visible for maintenance. That way one can intervene to prevent worse and a clear insight into the machine performance is obtained.

Determine preventive maintenance

With MyPlantFloor you can use the realtime OEE results and the CMMS-system in combination to determine the optimal level of (preventive) maintenance.

Computerized Maintenance Management System modules

Standard features of our software

Computerized Maintenance Management System

The MyPlantFloor CMMS-system can be used for multiple locations and in multiple languages that can be switched online per user. In addition, you have the option of an unlimited number of support requests. The maintenance management functionality of our software includes as standard:

Mobile app
Failure registration & downtimes
Preventive maintenance
Graphic Planning Board
Work instructions & inspections
Capacity planning
Contract management
Object specifications

Generate barcode
Purchasing & Inventory Management
Suppliers & Contacts
Bill of material registration
Material delivery
Purchase orders
Locations & multiple warehouses
Received goods & reservations

Invoice registration
Customizable Dashboard
Standard reports
Custom API
Backup management
Authorization management

Experience the benefits of our software for yourself

Would you like to experience the benefits of the MyPlantFloor CMMS-system yourself? Then request a demo or contact us and discover the possibilities of our software for your organization. Call +31 76 5156572 or send an e-mail to We always provide a prompt answer.

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