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Energy management

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Energy management in the industry

Saving energy starts with insight into your consumption!

MyPlantFloor - EM

The MyPlantFloor energy management solution provides a detailed and real-time picture of the energy consumption per machine. In addition, you will receive a warning by email or whatsapp as soon as the system detects waste. This proactive approach increases the involvement of all employees and accelerates the elimination of waste.

Prevent energy waste


Easy installation

MyPlantFloor uses wireless current sensors that you simply click around a cable.

You can easily install the sensors yourself, because you don't have to make any changes to the existing electrical installation.

The small current sensors are completely maintenance-free. They feed themselves via the sensors, so no hassle with an external power supply or batteries.


Powerful analysis

The integrated datalogger within MyPlantFloor automatically collects the data and processes it in a smart way into reports and trends that are available via a web interface. By combining our energy management system with the OEE-software solution from MyPlantFloor, the system can detect waste. Examples: standby consumption/standby consumption, deviating behavior compared to a similar machine or a previous production order for the same product, etc…

In addition to the standard available analysis tools, you can also export the energy data to Excel or make it accessible to a Business Intelligent system. With these insights you can work yourself (or together with an energy consultant) to eliminate waste even further.

You can find more about energy management in the international standard NEN EN ISO 50001.

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