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Kaizen Lean Manufacturing

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Kaizen lean Software

Improve effectively with Kaizen software

Kaizen lean manufacturing

With the Kaizen Lean Manufacturing module in MyPlantFloor, employees can easily register waste and thus provide insight. All ideas, large and small, are registered and converted into actions, which can then be tracked in terms of content and progress (PDCA). This way you create an effective improvement structure within your company.

Eliminate waste step by step with MyPlantFloor

Eliminate waste

Kaizen is an approach to productivity improvement through the elimination of waste. The Kaizen Lean Manufacturing module in MyPlantFloor is an add-on that offers employees the option of registering and providing insight into waste in a simple way. In addition, the kaizen software module provides an overview of the process to quantify and eliminate waste.

Lean manufacturing

What is Kaizen Lean Manufacturing?

The Japanese word 改 (“kai”) means “to change” and 善 (“zen”) means “good”. Kaizen is an approach to productivity improvement by eliminating waste (mudas i.e. activities that add cost but no value). It is a daily activity and a process that can make the organization more human. It eliminates unnecessary work and it teaches people to see and remove waste. Everyone participates in kaizen: people from all levels of an organization, from management to the shop floor. The PDCA circle is often used to eliminate waste, according to the principle:

· plan: set the goal and analyze the problem/waste;
· do: enter the default/modification and look at the effect;
· check: check the operation and the result;
· act: guarantee the improvement

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MyPlantFloor is a configurable and affordable software solution that provides insight into manufacturing efficiency, reduces administration on the shop floor and improves mutual cooperation between production, maintenance, logistics and quality. The Kaizen Software module in MyPlantFloor is an add-on that offers a lot of productivity improvement. Contact us for more information by calling +31 76 5156572 or send an email to info@agilitec.nl.

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