Production scheduling board for finite capacity scheduling

Production scheduling board

✔ Better utilization of machines
✔ Less time loss due to changeovers
✔ Higher delivery reliability

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Production software

Finite capacity scheduling via production scheduling board

Production planning

The production scheduling board module (or finite capacity scheduling) always offers you a complete, real-time overview of the current production planning and feasibility of agreed delivery times. Authorized users can easily adjust the production schedule by dragging order bars and/or adding planned activities to the schedule. The result is a true graphical overview of order bars with a clear indication of whether the stated delivery time is at risk.

Finite capacity scheduling with the production scheduling board


Production scheduling board with real-time feedback

MyPlantFloor imports the (raw) production planning into the real-time production scheduling board via an ERP link. Depending on the setting, the imported production orders are automatically or not distributed among the machines and put in the correct order. Finite capacity scheduling determines the total lead time of the remaining part of all planned production orders (read: length of the order bars) with the corresponding product/machine standard speed, taking into account planned downtimes such as changeovers, breaks, planned shifts, etc…. The entire production planning is calculated again and again in the background with the most current data regarding the completed number of products from the MyPlantFloor OEE system. The result is a planning that always corresponds to reality.


Finite capacity scheduling also as a table view

For a better overview, for example in the case of large numbers of short-term orders, there is the option of presenting the production scheduling board in the form of a table. Here too, you can adjust the order order by dragging the rows. Just like in the production scheduling board, a complete recalculation of lead times will take place here after each change and you can see from the color of the row whether the set delivery time is at risk.


Easily edit order details

With a mouse click on a bar or line, all details of an order appear, which can also be modified here for an authorized user. This includes order comments, raw material silo no., planned number of operators, order size and much more. All functions belong to the production scheduling board.

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