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Lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is nothing more than delivering good quality products or services on time, at the lowest possible cost. Lean originated from a logistics perspective.

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What is Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing: get rid of waste

Lean manufacturing tool

In production, there is usually a chain of activities. The flow within that chain can run smoothly when there are no waiting times or intermediate and final stocks within the process. The pursuit of an optimal flow (lead time reduction) is therefore part of the basic principles of Lean, also known as 'lean production'.

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Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

Advantages of Lean manufacturing

· Less scrap and/or rework
· Fewer machine failures
· Lower inventory level
· Higher stock turnover rate
· Less space required
· Higher efficiency, more products per employee
· Higher delivery reliability
· Faster new products in the market
· Higher customer satisfaction
· More motivated employees
· Better relationship with suppliers
· Higher profit
· More sales


Optimize the value stream

Initially, Lean Manufacturing was often applied within organizations whose production proceeds through a series of successive steps. In those cases, there are many sources of waste that can be eliminated, especially if the organization is part of a logistics chain. The goal of Lean improvement is to ultimately optimize the value stream within the organization. As much time as possible should be spent on value creation for the customer. All other activities are considered wasteful. Activities such as a supply chain, a production process or an administrative process. Lean Manufacturing requires a lot of attention from an organizational perspective. Problems must be tackled and everyone must help.

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