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TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Total Productive Maintenance is a very concrete improvement method that consists of a step-by-step program. This is all about productivity improvement with the aim of optimizing machine availability.

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What is Total Productive Maintenance?

What is TPM?

Total Productive Maintenance

We express machine availability in OEE. This is improving thanks to the efforts of small-scale multidisciplinary teams and involvement on the shop floor. That's why the method is regarded as the starting point for a World Class programme. Lean and Six Sigma aspects can also be included at a later stage. TPM is sometimes even a starting point for Lean. MyPlantFloor software helps you to quickly and permanently improve your OEE.

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Advantages of TPM


From problem solving to solution

The foundation of an efficient production company is a well-functioning machine park so that you can reduce intermediate stocks and slowly start thinking about customer-order-driven production. In the first phase, teams are put together with employees from various departments. This team usually uses OEE software is the first to determine the loss-making factors. Then a problem approach is formulated that is put into practice. Finally, it is examined on the shop floor how the problem is dealt with in the actual situation.

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TPM: Real-time insight into machine performance

The starting point of Total Productive Maintenance is that everyone should feel responsible for the maintenance of the machine park. Maintenance includes the terms 'progress', 'improvement' and 'maintenance'. The TPM philosophy also assumes that the machine functions worst immediately after purchase. TPM strives to systematically identify and permanently eliminate (hidden) defects. The ultimate goal of TPM is to increase OEE per machine.

MyPlantFloor from Agilitec BV is of added value on the following points:

  • improvement teams get detailed insight into all historical OEE data of orders, services, machines, losses, etc….

  • the maintenance management option helps you to better streamline preventive maintenance and to enable autonomous maintenance.

  • operators get more interaction with maintenance.

Benefits of Total Productive Maintenance

Introduction of the TPM method delivers:

· An improvement in productivity (up to 70%)
· A significantly higher effective production time
· Improved product quality
· Significant cost savings (up to 30%)
· A reduction in maintenance effort

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