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Increase your manufacturing output! The first affordable solution for online production administration and actual machine data combined with extensive support for improvement programs like SMED, TPM and LEAN.
Paperless production
Smart operations & quick anticipation
Process optimisation & production improvement
Guaranteed success with option to rent
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Benefits MyPlantFloor

Paperless production

MyPlantFloor allows you to save on administration costs and avoids errors by making your production order planning, product definitions and conversion instructions available online.

Smart operations & quick anticipation

Through the web-based user interface you have real-time access to all your up-to-date details, which contribute to an optimised use of your production resources. Anticipate instead of merely reacting to problems.

Process optimisation & production improvement

MyPlantFloor allows for greater involvement in the production process and a more fruitful collaboration between the production, maintenance, logistics and quality control departments.

Guaranteed success

Agilitec will install and configure the complete system including the link to your ERP for a fixed price. You can also choose the rental option: no start up costs and monthly terminable.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Day in, day out, your costly production capacity is heavily affected by stops and faults, changeover activities and many other factors. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) gives a clear overview of your production performance and the reasons behind production losses, allowing you to improve and optimise your processes.

Looking for an integrated solution that combines automatic OEE registration with online production administration? A solution that gives you real-time access to the performance of your production lines and the progress of production orders, enabling you and your staff to anticipate instead of reacting?

We proudly present: MyPlantFloor, so much more than just a standard OEE software product, which can be configured for use in any process environment and for any type of machinery. Moreover, as it is modular, it can be extended.

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Agilitec BV thinks with you

MyPlantFloor was created by Agilitec bv, a company with an in-house team, which takes care of the development of the MyPlantFloor OEE software.

The software can therefore be extended and improved quickly in line with your wishes and expectations. Any changes are applied to the standard package, so that other clients can also benefit from them.

Agilitec takes charge of the set-up and configuration of your software, so that you can immediately get started. The user-friendly administrator tools allow you to easily manage the software yourself.

And even after the implementation phase you can continue to rely on our extensive experience in and knowledge of OEE, MES, data collection and process analysis.

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