Get an insight into the machine performance of your company

Insight into machine performance

Would you like to gain insight into the machine performance within your company? Then our smart software is definitely something for you. MyPlantFloor is a program developed by Agilitec that maps the processes within your company and thus exposes the pain points. Thanks to this insight into the machine performance, you can then improve the processes in a very targeted way.

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Improve the machine performance with our software


Our software gives you an accurate insight into machine performance

Through an OEE measurement you can see how effectively the production lines within your company are working and in which areas an improvement is needed. We have developed smart OEE software that gives you a thorough insight into machine performance. However, that is not the only thing, because thanks to our software you also immediately have the necessary tools to increase your production efficiency. In addition, you can add add-ons to our software for, for example, the management and maintenance of your assets. For example, there is an add-on for tool management.

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Do you think our software is something for you? Then let us know quickly via or via +31 76 5156572. Our company from Breda will give you a quick answer. We are happy to help you implement the software in your business processes and thus gain insight into the current machine performance.

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