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MyPlantFloor is a versatile, modular, out-of-the-box solution that shows you the way to more efficient production.

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Manufacturing industry software

Do more with the same (production) resources and with less energy

MyPlantFloor - OEE/MES

The core of the solution consists of powerful OEE-software that ensures complete transparency of the shop floor and takes an important first step towards paperless production. Thanks to better coordination and cooperation between the production, logistics, maintenance and quality departments, the first OEE improvements spontaneously arise. 

The basic software can be expanded step by step, possibly at a later stage, with handy additional modules that help you to further eliminate losses and paper flow on the shop floor. Ultimately, you can speak of a fully-fledged but affordable Manufacturing Execution System.

 With MyPlantFloor you are completely unburdened because our engineers will arrange everything for you. Our engineers will arrange installation, updates, expansion and/or configuration of the software modules for you. You can then easily make configuration changes yourself because MyPlantFloor has a clear but extensive user interface and is well documented.

First insight into the largest OEE losses


Improvement starts with good insight

You cannot change what you cannot see

MyPlantFloor software connects directly with any type of machine and ERP system. The MyPlantFloor server automatically processes, combines and collects all order, master, machine and energy data. Powerful reporting tools in a web-based user interface then provide clear insight for the improvement teams.


No loss goes unnoticed

The user interface works at lightning speed, has an ergonomic and configurable screen structure and is suitable for use on a tablet or smartphone. This creates a clear realtime insight into the performance of the machine(s). As a result, machine operators have a good overview and can effortlessly provide reasons and comments at any suitable moment for downtime, speed and quality losses. No loss goes unnoticed and the data is of high quality.

More than 90% of the registered losses are actually provided with reasons and comments in MyPlantFloor.

Less paper

In addition to OEE information and input possibility, the operator screen show standard information such as: Status of the current production orders and order details such as Bill of Material, Packing instruction, Product photos, Operator notes, Service report previous shift etc. This saves administrative work and makes production more flexible.

OEE-Software-and-MES-system_Production-software_Improve continuously

Anticipate instead of react

Initially, an operator has only limited influence on the prevention and/or resolution of technical failures. The operator does have influence in preventing and/or shortening short stoppages and speed losses. The available realtime throughput graph gives a clear picture of the current machine performance.


Improve collaboration on the shop floor with production management

Better collaboration

Better coordination ensures shorter waiting times

Shorten lead time

Continuous improvement is not only a task for production and/or maintenance, but for all employees. This requires behavioral change and requires the necessary attention and guidance from the organization. However, the apparently limited influence of MyPlantFloor on this process turns out to be greater than expected.


Anticipate instead of react

Experience has taught us that the realtime character and the web-based architecture of MyPlantFloor are important product features to enhance improvement success. As a result, the Maintenance, Logistics and Quality departments are also informed at any time of the day about what and when something is expected of them. The result is better cooperation, more involvement and much less unnecessary waiting for the right raw materials and materials, assistance with line conversion, line changeover, tool replacement, etc.

Example: With MyPlantFloor, the next order is known for each machine and the time at which the line changeover will take place. Logistics, Quality and Maintenance know exactly what and when something is expected of them.


Extend manufacturing software to MES with modules

Improve more

Further elimination of losses and paper flow

Expand to MES

MyPlantFloor provides insight into the biggest key issues and contributes to better teamwork so that the OEE improves quickly. In a next phase you can expand the system with exactly those standard modules that are of added value in further eliminating losses and/or paper flow. The result is an optimally functioning paperless production environment.

Below is an overview of the available modules:

Efficient production


Efficient maintenance

Maintenance management

This CMMS product contributes to more efficient and autonomous maintenance. Configurable intelligent triggers for condition based and data driven maintenance are available. The loss due to failures will decrease quickly.


Energy saving

Energy management

Detailed and realtime insight into energy consumption per machine (part). Deviations from expectations are actively reported.

Extension is possible at any time. By using our standard modules you will achieve quick results, the costs remain low and each expansion actually yields a profit. You can rent or buy each module. We will pay for installation and basic configuration costs. The rental option can be canceled per month after a minimum period of 3 months.

Affordable production management


Guaranteed success

Fast results and a competitive price

Our products offer a lot of functionality, are affordable and scalable. You only choose and pay for the modules that are of interest to you. In short, an extremely short payback time is guaranteed, a price that will surprise you and suits every company, large or small.


Quick installation

Remote installation/configuration ideal for foreign production locations. (in less than 8 hours the first lines are visible)



Configurable product! We do not calculate missing functionality as customization, but immediately returns to the standard product.


Always up-to-date

The product remains current, so investment is guaranteed, and can be expanded at any time with additional functionality.



Standard product but can be set up as customization. Options are rent, buy or buy after rent. The choice is yours.

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With the production management system MyPlantFloor you are guaranteed to have well-functioning software to optimize the manufacturing efficiency production. Use our production management and view the results by OEE Improvement. To request a demo or for more information, please contact us. Call +31 76 5156572 or send an email to

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