OEE improvement and paperless production with MyPlantFloor

Software for more efficient and paperless production

Powerful OEE software & paperless production
Expandable with maintenance & energy management and various other add-ons

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Do more with the same resources and with less energy


MyPlantFloor is a modular and configurable solution that helps the industry to do more with existing (production) resources. This keeps it competitive and allows it to respond better to the rapid changes in the market.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

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The solution consists of three products that can be used separately or integrated.
It is precisely when there is overlap in use that the functionality of each individual product is enhanced (1+1 = 3).


Efficient production

Production management

The core of consists of OEE software and a completely paperless order administration. Expand (if necessary) with modules to eliminate production losses even further.


Efficient maintenance

Maintenance management

This CMMS product contributes to more efficient and autonomous maintenance. Configurable intelligent triggers for condition based and data driven maintenance are available. The loss due to failures will decrease quickly.


Energy saving

Energy management

Detailed and real-time insight into energy consumption per machine (part). Deviations from expectations are actively reported.

Each product is modular in construction, it really couldn't be more flexible.

You can expand the MyPlantFloor OEE software at any time with one or more configurable standard modules to a full-fledged MES solution. Examples are: production scheduling board, changeover time reduction, maintenance management, energy management, quality control, tooling management.

Each standard module was once created from a customer-specific question. Through application at other customers, each module continues to grow in configurable functionality every day. Existing customers also benefit from this because it is always possible to update to the latest version.

Succes assured

Fast results and a competitive price

By using standard modules you will achieve quick results, the costs remain low and each expansion actually yields a profit. You can rent or buy each module. We will pay for installation and basic configuration costs. The rental option can be canceled per month after a minimum period of 3 months.



Our products have a modular structure. You only choose and pay for those modules that are of interest to you.



Our products are web-based so that all information is available everywhere and in real time. We offer the products as a service in the cloud or on-premises.


Forever young

Our products are standard solutions that can be quickly adapted to a suitable solution by configuration. You can always update to a newer version with more functionality at any time. In other words, the product always remains up-to-date and 'Forever young'.



Our products are extremely fast to implement and adapt without unexpected bills for customization. Options are rent, buy or buy after rent. The choice is yours.



Our products offer a lot of functionality and are affordable. In short, an extremely short payback time is guaranteed for any company, large or small.

About Agilitec

The company behind MyPlantFloor is Agilitec, a Dutch company that was founded in 2006. Our software engineers not only develop the modules but are also involved in the configuration and provide support in case of questions or problems. They speak your language and excel at translating your questions into adjustments or extensions that then flow back into the standard product. This enables us to offer customization for the price of standard, in short: Agile entrepreneurship!

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Would you like to use our software solutions and thus achieve production process improvement within your organization? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities of OEE improvement or for more information about MyPlantFloor.

Efficient production