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Quality control software

Our quality control software provides insight. MyPlantFloor quality control turns mandatory quality control into a tool to improve production. Speed up the checking process and produce paperless. Save considerable costs and time.

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Quality management software

Detect errors early with quality control

Quality control software

The QC software within MyPlantFloor offers real-time insight into process performance and also a user-friendly tool to comply with (legal regulations on) quality data from machines and/or products. MyPlantFloor converts input from the quality administration into insights to optimize processes by making bottlenecks visible and thus saving costs and time.


Register quality data online

Operators can periodically enter all data that can influence the quality of the product via the operator screen. Examples are: weight check, check of torque wrench, check of metal detection, check of temperature, etc. The intervals for checking can be determined per product / machine combination on the basis of time, pieces or other triggers such as start of a run, end of a run, change raw material, etc…. All data is stored per production order and is easy to view.


Track and trace materials

For this part, MyPlantFloor uses the integrated warehouse management system. Raw materials are provided with a unique number / barcode label on receipt per container/pallet and stored at a location. The unique number forms the link to product, supplier and possibly product-specific data such as: best before date, viscosity, lot code, production date, carrier, etc…. In this way a comprehensive administration of all track & trace important information that is also easily accessible.


Storage of process data

The integrated data historian function provides registration of time-related production and process data that can influence the quality of a product. Example is pasteurizer temperature. Real time and historical trends (with export option to excel) and reports show the progress of data with limits and target values. Operators receive a clear warning on the screen if variables threaten to go outside the set limits and can therefore cause a loss of quality.


Register glass breakage

Any form of glass breakage within the Food & Beverages sector should be carefully recorded. MyPlantFloor has developed a glass breakage module for this. For each incident, you can accurately record where and when it happened, how it was cleaned and checked, so that you also comply with legal regulations in this area.

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Register quality complaints

Every complaint, comment, improvement idea, etc.. can be easily and clearly recorded in the reporting system or complaint registration system. This system is a cloud solution and is separate from MyPlantFloor. Thanks to the complaints registration system, no complaint will remain invisible. In addition, by choosing a subject, the complaint immediately ends up in the right department and customers with direct access can also follow complaints.

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