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OEE: How to calculate and improve

Would you like to have your company's OEE calculated and, if necessary, improved? We would be happy to provide you with more information about the formula for calculating your OEE and help you with your OEE-measurement. Agilitec is a company specialized in software solutions for companies. Our OEE-System, MyPlantFloor, allows you to perform realtime OEE registration.

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What is OEE

What is OEE and how can we calculate it?

What is OEE?

The abbreviation OEE stands for “overall equipment effectiveness”. This means “the actual utilization rate of machines”. This OEE is expressed in a percentage from 0 to 100%. In other words, it is an indication that indicates how effectively a company or department uses its production line(s). The formula to calculate the OEE is as follows: availability rate * performance rate * quality rate

An OEE-system helps to get more insight in your OEE losses

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Eliminate losses

An ideal production line produces only salable products at full speed without interruptions, and thus achieves a score of 100% in the OEE-measurement. In practice, such a score is unattainable and a score of 85% is considered world class. The use of realtime OEE registration makes visible which losses need to be tackled in order to increase the utilization rate.

Calculate OEE using an OEE calculation example

OEE calculation example, using the formula

The theoretical yield (Name Plate Capacity) of a machine is 17 st/min. In an eight-hour shift, the total downtime was 200 minutes. Within this actual production time, the machine could produce 280*17 = 4760 products, but it ended up being only 4100 because of too low a speed. Of the products produced, 95 were reworked and another 10 were rejected. Ultimately, this means an availability rate of (480-200)/480 = 58%, a performance rate of 4100/4760 = 86% and a quality rate of (4100-105)/4100 = 97%. In this example, the calculation of the OEE using the formula is as follows: 58% * 86% * 97% = 48%.

This may seem like an extremely bad result, but in reality it is not an exception in companies without an OEE-System. There is therefore sufficient improvement potential to get started.

The OEE formula is: availability rate * performance rate * quality rate

The six most important losses

In order to improve the OEE, information is needed about the most important losses. The six main losses that occur are:

Availability losses

·         Waiting for changeover
·         Technical failure

Speed losses

·         Short stoppages
·         Machine not at full speed

Quality losses

·         Rework
·         Rejection of products

Register OEE realtime

Realtime OEE registration with MyPlantFloor

Our OEE-software, MyPlantFloor, combines automatic collection and analysis of realtime OEE registration with realtime production planning and documentation. The result is reliable data and a contribution to the culture of improvement. Thanks to our OEE-System, you can improve production processes in a very targeted way and thus increase your turnover enormously. So it is an indispensable tool for any company.

Start calculating and analyzing Realtime OEE data now

The MyPlantFloor software offers you all the information you need to visualize and analyze result-oriented. Would you like to install our OEE-System in your company? Or would you like to first calculate the OEE of your company to see in which area you need to improve? Then contact us quickly on +31 76 5156572 or via info@agilitec.nl. You can count on us for excellent service.