Inventory management - manage inventory and materials

Inventory management

Full real-time transparency of all material stocks
Monitor inventory of potential shortages with timely alerts
Control quality requirements, e.g. shelf life
Detailed track & trace administration of goods

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Inventory management production company

Managing material and inventory

MyPlantFloor - Inventory management

MyPlantFloor material and inventory management gives you a complete overview of all material on the production floor, the warehouse and other conceivable locations in your production company.

Inventory management for production records and manages raw materials, finished goods, materials, intermediate stocks, semifinished goods as well as lot numbers and serial numbers. You can work with minimum and maximum stock levels that provide timely alerts when refills are needed. Finally, the system has capabilities for setting and monitoring quality requirements for materials and supports you with compliance with rules and requirements for traceability.

Inventory management in production


Prevent misgrabbing on the shop floor

Ensure fluid matching of required material on the shop floor. MyPlantFloor adjusts stocks in real time, provides timely alerts on needed refills and suggests purchase orders for (semi-)products. Ensure minimal waiting times and save significantly more time and costs.


Complete management of semi-finished products

In addition to complete visibility into raw material inventory and finished goods, have a full track and trace system of semi-finished and intermediate stocks. Real-time overview of material locations, statuses and any shortages.


Management and preservation of material quality

Material quality data, status and other information such as minimum shelf life or blocking can be recorded for each material. If necessary, provide additional control for line releases by having quality staff release materials, for example.


Traceability of goods

Provide a conclusive system for track and trace administration. Have an overview of all locations where a chosen article is located. Have insight into all stock movements and use of materials for the creation of an article. Or find all products in which a certain raw material has been used at the push of a button.

Reduce quality loss and availability loss

Improve performance on the shop floor by reducing quality and availability loss due to “waiting for material”.

Inventory management software


Materials and raw materials management

Warehouse management monitors the inventory level of each container (silo, bunker, box, ibc) up to the production lines. There will be a timely warning if a refill is required for a certain material.


Have real-time information about material locations, statuses and (future) shortages. Reduce and prevent delays due to 'waiting for material' or required tools.


Accurate traceability

Raw materials are given a unique number / barcode label upon receipt per container/pallet and stored at a location. The unique number forms the link to product, supplier and any product specific data such as: THT date, viscosity, lot code, production date, transporter etc.... The used lot numbers of materials are easily requested from the operator on the line at the start of the order. In this way, a comprehensive administration of all information important for track & trace is created, which can also be easily found and accessed.

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