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Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

The future of the factory with Smart industry

Industry 4.0

Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is a trend name for the next revolution in industrialization. It describes the automation and data exchange of manufacturing companies of the future. Technology experts predict that the productivity rate will be 30% higher than in current factories in a few years. All this will result in an increased competitive position. Manufacturing companies today simply have no choice but to go along with Industry 4.0.

IoT - Internet of things

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New developments

It is estimated that production costs may decrease even more in the future under the influence of new developments. Ultimately, the digitization of production will even lead to a change in entire production structures.

Industry 4.0 will lead to (even):

· better use of raw materials;
· fewer machine failures;
· lower inventories;
· fewer quality problems;
· higher prediction accuracy;
· shorter lead time;
· less maintenance costs and
· the fact that (profession) experts will become more and more superfluous

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The Smart Industry for process optimization

MyPlantFloor has proven itself in the past as an effective product. Its functionalities already cover part of the Industry 4.0 requirements. In the 'smart' factories of our customers, machines are already connected and read out, and there is a good insight into what is really happening in the factory. Processes are optimized faster, which creates new opportunities in the value chain, because lead time is shortened and work is done more efficiently.

Take advantage of the benefits of software in the Smart Industry

To really take advantage of these benefits, manufacturing companies need the right software tools. There is one important advantage: the production companies still have time to prepare for this. Agilitec BV offers support with MyPlantFloor as a competent partner and continues to support developments in the future that are continuously improving.

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