Our OEE software in manufacturing ensures production optimization

OEE software

Unique OEE software properties actively contribute to a positive OEE improvement culture.

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Software to optimize the OEE

Powerful OEE software is the basis for the improvement potential

OEE software

For you, looking for OEE software, the disadvantages and limitations of a paper OEE administration are probably well known. Agilitec has developed the OEE software for you that automatically maps out all OEE losses in detail and also takes a first step towards paperless production and OEE improvement.


Everyone participates!

MyPlantFloor OEE software not only collects data for small group activities (such as with a paper administration), but it involves all users in the improvement process so that a broad improvement culture is created. She does this by providing detailed OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and production order information in real-time and clearly visible to all influencers of production efficiency. i.e. not only the production employees, but also colleagues from maintenance, logistics and quality. This makes it possible to anticipate rather than react and prevents unnecessary waiting.

This does impose a number of additional requirements on the OEE software:

· Real-time credible OEE information
· Easily accessible through web interface
· Convenient and fast user interface
· Online production and master data
· ….

MyPlantFloor meets all the requirements mentioned, and it can be expanded at any time to a full-fledged MES-system. Click the button below for more details.

Realtime OEE data

Insight and transparency with our OEE software

Real-time credible production and OEE information

Process optimization starts with a good understanding of the current situation. Obtaining good quality real-time OEE data is extremely important in this respect. MyPlantFloor connects to every machine and fully automatically registers all details of every downtime. For example, all planned stoppages (changeovers, breaks, unplanned shifts) are automatically recognized and categorized by the OEE software. The remaining losses are then registered in detail by operators with minimal effort. This results in pure OEE information with which multidisciplinary teams can feed the improvement process.


High-quality, accurate OEE data

Our OEE software is equipped with an engine that supports operators in the filling process. The engine automatically identifies planned losses and registers any delays, automatically signs out operator(s) at the end of a shift, accurately calculates the order end time based on the exact standard speed and taking planned stops into account. Thanks to the engine, the data is accurate and clean while the extra pressure on the registration process is kept to a minimum.


Integrated paperless order administration

MyPlantFloor contains a fully integrated paperless order administration via a standard ERP link. Operators can find information via the operator screen such as: Status of current production orders and order details such as BOM, Packing instructions, Product photos, Operator notes, Shift report previous service, etc. This not only saves paper, administrative work and errors, but it also ensures flexibility in control of the production process.


Continuous insight with real-time data

The server automatically processes, combines and collects all OEE, order and machine data and displays it in real-time in a web-based user interface. All production-related departments and users thus have insight into the data and are informed about machine, stock and order status at any time of the day.


Improved collaboration between departments

The end time of a current and a subsequent order is known exactly, so that the Logistics, Quality and Maintenance departments know in advance whether and when they need to assist with, for example, a changeover action. Thanks to the better mutual coordination and cooperation, improvements are already spontaneously occurring on the shop floor and with it the OEE.

Extend OEE software to MES with modules

Aim for even less OEE losses and paper flow

Extend OEE software to MES with modules

Do you want to give the efficiency on the shop floor an even bigger boost? MyPlantFloor's OEE software not only provides insight and support, but also offers the add-ons that support you in improving production. Once it is clear where the biggest pain points are, you can expand the system where necessary.

OEE Software

Expanding OEE software and the power of integration

The OEE software can eventually be expanded step by step to a full-fledged MES solution and this can be done at any time. Some examples of the configurable standard modules are for example: maintenance management, production scheduling board, changeover time reduction, energy management, quality management and more. The modules can be used separately or integrated. Combined use of the modules ensures that the functionalities of each module are only enhanced. Click on the link below for a full picture of MyPlantFloor with all expansion options.

Payable OEE software

Guaranteed success

Fast results and a competitive price

Our products offer a lot of functionality, are affordable and scalable. You only choose and pay for the modules of our OEE software that are of interest to you. In short, you are guaranteed an extremely short payback period, a price that will surprise you and suits every company, large or small.

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With the MyPlantFloor OEE software from Agilitec in Breda, you have a strong tool to improve production efficiency. Contact us to request a demo or for more information. Call +31 76 5156572 or send an e-mail to info@agilitec.nl.

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