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Software for the improvement process in your factory

The right software for an improvement process

Improvement process software

Are you looking for good process improvement methods for production improvement within your organization? With the help of our MyPlantFloor software you have the right tools to implement an improvement process on the shop floor. It offers you more insight into the current situation, so that you can focus on production improvement. In addition, the process improvement methods create support among users to do better every day. This increases the efficiency and utilization rate on the shop floor and ensures a more effective use of production resources.

Improvement process software


Production improvement with a result-oriented system

Agilitec's OEE system is extremely results-oriented. The software has various innovative and distinctive functionalities that ensure an effective improvement process. Moreover, the process improvement methods are quick and easy to implement in any organization and the maintenance costs are very low. This also makes our software a lot more interesting for small and medium-sized companies that are looking for production improvement. Another advantage is that our software is always up-to-date, in order to guarantee an optimal improvement process. Investment in production improvement retains its value, because MyPlantFloor is a product that grows with the wishes of the customer and always offers the most accurate process improvement methods.

More process improvement methods

Our software has several add-ons for the improvement process

More process improvement methods

Do you want to give the improvement process of efficiency on the shop floor an even bigger boost? The MyPlantFloor software not only provides insight and support, but also offers the add-ons that support you in improving production. Once it is clear where the biggest losses are, you can expand the system with additional process improvement methods. Examples of this are the maintenance module for reducing failures, the inventory module for better insight into the inventory and the production scheduling board for a clear overview of whether the agreed delivery times are feasible.

Below is an overview of the available modules:

Efficient production


Efficient maintenance

Maintenance management

This CMMS product contributes to more efficient and autonomous maintenance. Configurable intelligent triggers for condition based and data driven maintenance are available. The loss due to failures will decrease quickly.


Energy saving

Energy management

Detailed and real-time insight into energy consumption per machine (part). Deviations from expectations are actively reported.

Extension is possible at any time. By using our standard modules you will achieve quick results, the costs remain low and each expansion actually yields a profit. You can rent or buy each module. We will pay for installation and basic configuration costs. The rental option can be canceled per month after a minimum period of 3 months.

Opt for an effective improvement process with our software

If you want a thorough production improvement within your company, our production software is an excellent tool. Are you curious about the possible process improvement methods? Feel free to contact us and ask our production improvement experts any questions you have about our software solutions. Call our experts in Breda on +31 76 5156572 or send an email to It is also possible to request a demo before purchasing the entire software. This will give you a good idea of the improvement process.

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